Providing all of the services but none of the Fee's.

Welcome to Employee Benefit Services, an Acrisure Agent Partner

About Us


What makes Employee Benefit Services different than our competitors?

 Knowledgeable. Every account manager is a licensed agent.

 Proactive. We are keeping our clients well informed of the changing benefits landscape, including the Affordable Care Act.

 Proficiency. We provide quick and accurate responses to the employer and employee.

 One Contact. We coordinate and manage all carrier relationships saving you time and providing single source accountability.

 Accessibility. We are available to both employers and employees.

 Customized Reporting and Training.


How We Can Help You


Wouldn’t another set of eyes be nice to make sure you’re getting the most for your health care dollars? At Employee Benefit Services, we would like to be your other set of eyes.  Give us the opportunity to review your benefits to make sure you’re getting the best deal possible. When we say best deal, we mean: Is your agent charging you additional fees and higher than normal commissions?  Are they using the newest available programs to save you money? Most large agencies charge high fees and above average commissions for services you can get at NO CHARGE. That just makes your health care more expensive. 


See the Difference


Our goal is to serve you in a highly attentive manner. Our dedicated team considers their role as the broker a privilege, making every effort to serve you well and maintain a relationship based on honesty, integrity, accuracy, and forward-thinking.  

What We Do

As your agent, these are the services we provide at NO CHARGE to YOU:



· Old Fashion Customer Service; If your employees contact us, we take care of them. Period.

· Present creative benefit options aimed at lowering your cost, and keeping employees happy.

· Online Administration - We process all administrative changes, adds and deletes directly online for you.

· COBRA Administration - New Employee Notices, Qualifying Event Notices, Open Enrollment, Provide Monthly Reporting and Payment tracking. Our software is updated as changes in the law occur.

· New Employee Orientation - Explain benefits & Assist them with completing applications.

· Provide Employees with a Toll-Free number where we assist them with Claim Issues and Benefit questions.

· Conduct Employee and Retiree meetings.

· Renewal Benefit Analysis, Cost Comparisons and Quoting Benefit Options.

· We do all the Government forms Medicare D letters.  

· Legal assistance when dealing with all benefit compliance. We have a team of lawyers on hand to help with anything.

HRA Administration for multiple carriers.

Employee Handbook Consultation.

Employee Benefits Guide: Provides an overview of all benefits and cost, legal disclosures, and other helpful information.

Annual 1094-C and 1095-C Form preparation (pdf, print ready forms for client to distribute to employees) and annual electronic IRS submission (including corrections for employee information match with IRS).


Contact Us

Employee Benefit Services

489 Seminole Rd, Muskegon, MI 49441, US



Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm

Saturday - Sunday: Closed

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The Acrisure Company

Who We Are


 Acrisure is a national brokerage of property & casualty, benefits, and related insurance coverages. The Company has revenues of approximately $976 million. Founded in 2005, Acrisure, LLC is the 4th largest insurance broker in America and one of the fastest growing as well. Acrisure is one of the top 4 privately held insurance brokerages in the country, and presently has 282 locations in 29 states with over 4,500 employees. Acrisure Regional Benefits (ARB) one of the employee benefits brokerage and consulting arms of Acrisure, is based in Grand Rapids, Michigan 

Our Experience



Acrisure has a great deal of experience with clients in any size range. Our team has many years of experience in the business and have worked with many clients in the 20 to 5,000 employee range. The profile of a typical client varies as does the number of plans offered. This is because we do not target specific clients based on size but instead focus on the needs and resources we are able to provide as consultants.

Education and Service



Education and customer service are core values of our philosophy. Ultimately, it is the duty of a broker to deliver to your team the intellectual capacity and subject matter expertise required to maximize your organization’s financial and human capital toward mission-centric initiatives and operations. Our team is focused on not only communicating the industry-leading capabilities that our unique agency model brings to organizations like yours, but also on demonstrating the execution needed to empower your team’s performance and maximize your employees’ satisfaction.

Keeping You Happy



Acrisure has created a proprietary client management process that is predictable, repeatable and scalable. We use this process to manage each account to ensure both efficiency and stability. The process combines a Strategic Benefits Checklist and Group Client Retention System. As part of this process we incorporate periodical surveys for both employers and employees. We also compile a stewardship report at the end of a full year is well received and has led to the longevity of our client relationships.

Our Goal



If selected as your benefits consultant, one of the first tasks we will perform is to sit down and work with the staff and Senior Management to outline both short and long-term goals. These goals will include budgetary considerations, coverage levels, and employee satisfaction. One of the main goals with our clients is to provide the best possible benefits to their employees, while staying within the stated budget.

Once these goals are established, we will present multiple options that will accomplish these goals. It's important that the options that we present to you are concise and logical. Many times consultants present too many options to their clients, without eliminating the options that don't make sense. We pride ourselves on our ability to synthesize complex solutions, so that they are easily understood by our clients.




The most successful relationships involve close communication between client and consultant, so that the exchange of ideas and approaches and information is constant. We have found that under these circumstances, the best results have occurred. We look forward to developing a long-term relationship of this type with you.

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Something To Think About


Many employers have experienced initial healthcare increases in excess of 15% for the past several years. This is especially true in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic. Based on numerous studies, the majority of Healthcare costs is lifestyle-related, and therefore is preventable. According to a recent Healthcare study, the following statis- tics are alarming:

• 75% of American adults will be overweight by 2019

• 45% of Americans are not receiving appropriate care

• 1 in 3 U.S. children born after 2000 will develop diabetes by age 50

• 18,000 fatal heart attacks are due to lack of preventive medicine

• For the first time in U.S. history, this generation of children may live shorter lives than their parents

Unfortunately, healthcare reform did not address these alarming trends, as it is more focused on access to care than the prevention of disease.

Employers have been steadily raising copays and employee contributions to address these increases. This is not a viable strategy for the long term. Eventually, healthcare becomes unaffordable to the employee and the employer. Many employers are at this point already. Employers and employees need to both have a vested interest in cost containment. Employers will need to give employees the access to the appropriate tools and incentives required for leading healthier lives. Recent studies have shown remarkable results when employers take this approach.

That being said, it is important for employers to aggressively manage their healthcare costs. Left unchecked, healthcare costs can cripple, or destroy a business. The first step in managing healthcare costs is having the information to make informed deci- sions. Many employers fail at managing costs because they don’t have the infor mation they need, when they need it. Our commitment to you is that we will provide regular detailed reports about your employee benefits costs. This is where much of our competition stops. Having detailed information is virtually worthless without the analysis and recommendations that should guide decision making. We will provide this information and analysis to you so that both short-term and long-term decisions can be made.